4 good reasons your business needs a ‘talking drum!’

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Throughout African history drums were used to convey messages over a distance, to warn of intentions, and of course to celebrate victories and rituals. ‘Talking drums’ were those that were used to communicate specific messages.

A local African company Dondo The Talking Drum (DTTD) have used this delightful analogy to represent a business that is anything but traditional but still sees itself as an African entity proudly serving South Africans.

This business is about the business of Information Technology and the collection, analysis and reporting of information collected to offer Schools, Creches, Retirement homes and especially Companies tangible solutions to deal with communications – whether they be good, bad, or just plain ugly!

This is the first of a series of articles that will deal with many aspects of what DTTD do and who we serve, but just for starters let’s look at why businesses list with us and give you 4 good reasons every business needs a ‘talking drum!’

1.Compliance with the law 

The Protected Disclosures Amendment Act promulgated on the 2nd of August 2017 places a duty on employers to create internal procedures to deal with protected disclosures. These can include things like criminal offences, health and safety and unfair discrimination. Dismissal. For example, can be construed as unfair dismissal if communications are not reported etc. We record disclosures and handle communications on behalf of our clients.

2. Customer complaints

The correct handling of customer complaints can avoid highly damaging reprisals on social and other communication media. Online presence is vital to every brand’s image and so we gather whatever information is required to ensure we can dialogue on our client’s behalf to reach an amicable outcome every time.

3. Customer compliments 

Equally as important as dissolving conflict is the magnifying of great customer testimonials. Again, information is gathered to ascertain exactly what our clients did right so we can ensure it gets maximum traction on all social media platforms.

4. Whistleblowing

As useful as it can be, whistleblowing can also be destructive if misdirected. We anonymously ascertain all the facts around whistleblowing and issue a report with recommendations for solutions and offer the option of conducting a full investigation.

Dondo are the specialist communications experts

DTTD are communications experts and a third-party platform that handles information exclusively for our listed customers. We not only collect information but after careful analysis (carried out by former SAPS investigators with proven track records) we provide a solution-based report offering an action plan to address any issues.

Watch this space for more on who we serve and what we do – until then stay safe – and stay alert!

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