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about us

Company Overview

A little about us?


Our company is 51% black-owned, making us a Level 2 BBBEE Exempt Micro Enterprise. 51% of our shares are owned by Vernitos Consulting CC, a Level 1 B-BBEE wholly black-owned and managed consulting firm. Our UK based company, A TO Z Whistleblowing Ltd., owns the remainder of our shares

If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.”
– Red Adair

Management Team

Trevor Boltman (CIA) (CGAP)

Special Projects Director

32 years of experience in fraud investigations, risk management, internal audit, financial management, and corporate governance.

Willem van Romburgh

Operations Director

Willem made a name for himself as an award-winning South African Police Services detective, who left the Police to become a private investigator.


We aim to create:


  • Ensuring accountability and responsibility amongst employers and employees.
  • Facilitating a dispute resolution platform where complaints can be resolved impartially and free from outside influence.
  • Identifying operational flaws and providing tangible solutions to ensure better service delivery across all sectors of the economy.
  • Honouring employee and employer achievements.
  • Restoring trust across all sectors of the economy.
  • Creating a safe work environment for employees, free from victimisation, discrimination, and intimidation.
  • A to Z – Aspiring to sound ethics, accountability, and open communication in the workplace.

What we offer

Being involved in predominantly forensic investigations and auditing services for many years, we realised a need for a specialised service. Over a three-year period, we have investigated the challenges faced by the conventional hotline management services and developed our service. What we came up with when we developed our system, we humbly believe is lightyears ahead of the conventional. In fact, we are so excited and passionate about it, that we were prepared to spend a lot of money to get it patented. – South African Patent Number 2020/07243.

We offer professional hotline management services through –

  1. Our patented use of a QR Code to bring whistleblowers to our web-based application.
  2. Tollfree 0800 numbers
  3. E-mails

In summary, we are the preferred service provider where:

  • The integrity of the disclosed information is important.
  • Sources must remain as uncontaminated as possible.
  • Our clients seek compliance with the Protected Disclosures Act.
  • Our clients are accountable to the JSE for their adherence to the JSE Code of Ethics and Standards.
  • Online presence, transparency and confidence are important for our customers.


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