Complaints or compliments, customer feedback is essential to your business

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Building good relationships is what businesses thrive on, particularly in this day and age of Social media where communication and remaining connected is so crucial. The complaints and compliments that customers share with a business are like gold and every business should take these seriously as they can assist them to improve themselves both from a customer relations point of view and within their company.

The best solution for any business is to embark on a Customer Feedback Management (CFM) program like the AAA program offered by A to Z whistleblowing solutions – but why is this so important?

Well, it serves a business 24/7 to gauge public opinion, whether it be good or bad and if correctly acted upon ensures better communication with customers. The report and advice the management receive is also based on actual data and so enables better-informed decision making and the overall result is that better customer relationships are built which lead to new and more loyal clients.

An added bonus is that employees in the front line of your communications who may be problematic or need additional training are identified and dealt with before irreparable damage is done!

What is the AAA program?

In essence, this excellent Customer Relations Program revolves around the three ‘A’s – Ask, Analyse and Advise, as being the 3 phases of executing effective customer feedback. So what specific steps are taken within each phase?


  • We are supplied with the transaction and customer details for the previous day by our clients.
  • A series of e-mail or telephonic responses are decided upon dependant on the cost agreement with our client and customers are asked for their feedback on interactions with the business or its employees. Utilising experienced investigative techniques we investigate this feedback (no Artificial Intelligence is used) to obtain accurate data for our clients.
  • Further to this, our clients can display a QR code on all client-related documentation (quotations/invoices, etc.) and product packaging, which customers can use to lodge their complaints or compliments.
  • The data is then duly captured for…


Using an investigative algorithm-based approach, where we scan for specific employees, products, service issues and more, mentioned in multiple issues, the data is then thoroughly analysed before we offer our…


In a data-based report provided to our clients with all the must-know and even some ‘nice to know’’ information, we offer tangible advice on whatever our client needs to do to improve customer and employee relations going forward.

Expert investigative services

Customer Feedback Management is just one of the many investigative programs that are offered by A to Z Whistleblowing Solutions to assist businesses with external and external communications and whistleblowing issues. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation to assess how we can assist your business.

Stay safe – stay informed – and keep communicating!

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