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For your creche

For your creche

Abuse of babies and toddlers happens every day, and often the baby or toddler becomes a problematic learner later on, or even a problematic adult. A vicious circle, starting with the people responsible for protecting young people.

Unethical behaviour is not limited to physical violence or the theft of a baby’s or a young child’s monthly supplies. This ranges from physical abuse to intimidation to dishonesty and alienation of the least popular ones. All this at the hands of the people paid to protect them.

A scary thought…

Reporting this is rare because of the very real and imminent victimisation factor. – Babies or toddlers are usually too small to complain, or complaints come too late.

Our patented system allows for –

So why do we believe we have the solution –

“Could it be that by protecting our kids from unhappiness as children, we’re depriving them of happiness as adults?”
Lori Gottlieb (Author)

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