Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is A to Z Whistleblowing Solutions?

A TO Z WHISTLEBLOWING SOLUTIONS is a private business that consists of like-minded individuals from different backgrounds working to make the world a better place. We provide a combination of customized solutions to our clients. A to Z Whistleblowing Solutions is not a government agency or department and has no association with the government at all.

For more information, please read our Mission and Vision.

2. What Solutions does A to Z Whistleblowing provide?

Whistleblowing – Hosting and Management
Anyone can report information to us if it is about our clients. Our whistleblowing incident reporting solution and world-class information storage network allow us to link even the smallest pieces of information to cases. We can utilize partial registration numbers, nicknames, products, and more to help track and solve incidents. Our team has more than 100 years’ combined investigation and intelligence gathering experience which allows us to handle incidents quickly and effectively.

Customer Complaint Management
Our clients’ customers complain to us through our reporting portal. We engage in solution-seeking communication and in the process identify our client’s operational flaws. We seek to resolve the problem, provide feedback to the customer, and provide our client with a detailed report, containing the details of the complaint and tangible solutions.

Customer Compliments
The A To Z Whistleblowing Solutions platform also allows for our clients’ customers to pass on compliments, which we celebrate on social media to the advantage of our client.

Protected Disclosures
A To Z Whistleblowing Solutions experts handle all legally required duties of our clients regarding the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998

3. What are the requirements to list my business on your platform and get my business A to Z Whistleblowing Solutions certified?

You are required to operate by the A to Z Whistleblowing Solutions principles, which include:


  • Honour commitments towards clients, staff, service providers and others.
  • Embrace and adhere to labour legislation.
  • Adhere to the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998.
  • Refrain from committing criminal offences, endangering the health or safety of others, causing damage to the environment, unfair discrimination, and anything that can cause damage to the good image of businesses.


  • Be transparent and committed to dispute resolution.
  • Actively promote and use the reporting service in your business.
  • Act when operational flaws have been identified.
  • Act against unethical employees.
  • Embrace and protect whistleblowers.


  • Reward employees whose work had been complimented.
  • Actively celebrate the achievements of employees who receive compliments.


4. Why would I want to pay to provide a platform for people to complain about me?

People are going to complain, whether you are using us or not. Having us on your side, allows you to channel the complaints to professionals who will handle the complaint professionally and arrive at a solution. Complaints can be used to identify any potential operational flaws, and we can use this information to provide recommendations on how to improve.

5. Can People still complain on social media about me if I am subscribed?

Although people are free to complain on any platform, you can simply respond to the complaint by professionally and politely informing the customer that their complaint will be handled by us. We will take over and professionally handle the issue, arriving at an acceptable solution for both parties.

6. Can my listing and certification be terminated?

We aim to address operation flaws and help companies provide better service. Any business that does not abide by the A To Z Whistleblowing Solutions standards will be excluded from the A To Z Whistleblowing Solutions family and have their certification terminated.

7. Would A to Z Whistleblowing Solutions Protect a business?

A To Z Whistleblowing Solutions can help resolve issues and protect businesses against unfair complaints and victimisation. If a business acted wrongly, we identify the flaws and provide growth solutions. We will never compromise our vision to create a better business environment.

8. What complaints cannot be filed with A to Z Whistleblowing Solutions?
  • Accounting disputes
  • Labor disputes
  • Guarantee disputes
  • Government complaints
  • Cases that have been reported previously to any individual, tribunal, or organ of the state
  • Complaints about monies owed
  • Complaints filed by third parties
  • Buyer’s remorse complaints
  • Complaints about any company not subscribed to A to Z Whistleblowing Solutions.
9. What happens when I file a complaint?

A step-by-step process…

  • You receive a ticket number that must be used in all correspondence to us
  • A file is opened and assigned to an A to Z Whistleblowing Solutions Operator
  • The A to Z Whistleblowing Solutions Operator contacts you via your preferred communication method and introduces themselves
  • Our client is informed of the complaint
  • A process of mediated information exchanged will follow. This is ongoing for as long as the complaint remains unresolved
  • Once the complaint has been resolved, the complainant receives a detailed report of the findings as well as (if offered by our client) a token of compensation. The complainant may be requested (based on our client’s conditions) to sign a non-disclosure agreement
  • Our client receives a detailed report with the information including identified operational flaws, recommended action, and more
  • Only after the complaint is resolved to both party’s satisfaction can an A to Z Whistleblowing Solutions Supervisor close the file
  • Files are kept for record purposes for five years.


10. Can I get access to the A to Z Whistleblowing Solutions Complaint file?

All A to Z Whistleblowing Solutions complaints are completely confidential. We will never provide our files to either of the parties

11. Will the A to Z Whistleblowing Solutions client get my information when I file a complaint?


12. How long does it take to tend to a complaint?

Our team operates from 06:00 to 22:00, seven days per week. We try to respond within an hour, but during busier periods you can expect a response in as little as a few hours from filing the complaint.

13. How safe is my personal information?

All our information is saved on secure, password-protected cloud storage. Records are kept of anyone accessing a file and our supervisors regularly conduct audits on files. Everything is approached with the utmost privacy and security. You can rest assured your information is safe.

14. What does A to Z Whistleblowing Solutions do with protected Disclosures?

A step-by-step process is initiated…

  • We inform our client of the disclosure within hours of it being made
  • We subsequently take instruction from our client and will start written correspondence with the employee
  • We discuss the disclosure with our client and provide potential solutions. Solutions may include ad-hoc invoiced extra services where required.


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