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Listing Benefits

The multiple benefits of enlisting A to Z…

  • Consumer Trust – People would much rather do business with a company that subscribes to ethical practices, takes care of its staff, and is committed to the dispute resolution
  • A deterrence for Unethical/Dishonest Employees – With co-workers and clients being only a QR-Code scan away from complaining, only remorseless employees continue providing substandard service
  • Earlier Detection – Losing money through dishonesty is upsetting and can be avoided. Continuing to lose money through dishonesty becomes unbearable and often leads to the business closing its doors. The earlier the business owner can receive information; the less money will be lost. Outsourced hotline services are the business owner’s “radar” where “bogeys” can be detected before they are able to kill the business.
  • Protecting Employee Rights – Providing a safe environment for employees in which to work, not limited to providing physical/visible measures. It includes protection against harassment and victimization.
  • Better Investigation Prospects – labor legislation can sometimes make it exceedingly difficult to dismiss an employee, even if you “know” they did something wrong. Proving wrongdoing can be assisted with this. Having good first-hand information will dramatically increase the prospects of success in any investigation, whether it be for an internal disciplinary hearing or a proper criminal investigation.
  • Calming Effect on Upset Clients – Upset clients want to complain to someone other than the business/person that caused the frustration. Our approach of listening, solving, and continuous feedback is what will encourage clients to return to the business, even after an unfortunate incident. Our experience in the corporate client service industry is what sets us apart.
  • Continuous Communication – Any information missed during a single call to a conventional toll-free call centre is missed forever. Our agents are trained investigators, who had been working with information and intelligence for many years as Police Investigators. They will always strive to create possibilities for continuous communication or, when this is not possible, to extract the most important information.
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