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When comparing losses caused by dishonesty or customers lost through unethical behaviour, hiring A TO Z Whistleblowing Solutions outways these disadvantages by far.

Comparing the cost of our services to employing experts, it becomes even smaller. Hiring experts comes with serious disadvantages, which include the expert covering up dishonest staff forcefully. This individual becomes just another department within a company handling things the same way everyone else does.

Our fees differ from entity to entity and are custom-made according to your needs. This way, you pay for what you need and use. When calculating costs, we consider the number of employees you have and the anticipated number of complaints and disclosures, with the latter being the more critical factor. Every industry is different from the other, and the number of complaints varies in these instances. These factors get taken into consideration in the calculations.

Fees start from as little as R500.00 per month.

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