Protect and improve your business by managing customer complaints

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In a world where Social Media can make or break any brand, be very aware of the impact that customer complaints have on your business and your bottom line. We all know that customer service and liaison are vital factors to creating a better business. Still, in an environment where a complaint can go instantly viral, you ignore unhappy customers at your peril.

There are two essential parts to managing customer complaints: to protect the business or a particular brand within the company, and of course, to improve the business by taking cognisance of the complaint and acting on it. As Bill Gates said, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.’’

So how do customer complaints improve your business?

  • They identify areas that can be improved on, enabling you to know where you may need better products, services, or training of employees. It could even lead to new business opportunities and cost-saving areas.
  • Complaints can improve communication all around. Knowing what your customers needs and wants improves communication with them, keeps your senior management more informed, and you can cultivate a “culture of excellence” with your staff.
  • Investigating complaints provides a better understanding of customer needs and trends, giving insight into what competitors are doing differently. 

In essence, complaints management and dispute resolution can reverse the whole situation and lead to loyal customers spanning many years. Managing complaints, of course, are easier said than done, and even some of the largest businesses have been caught out on social media, so.

How do I protect my business against customer complaints?

It is best to have a service that acts as a ‘buffer’ against such complaints. Before complaints reach social media, business owners can liaise with their customers through trained Customer Complaints Management experts. 

The A to Z whistleblowing solutions Customer Complaints Management service is precisely such a service, but there is more to it than that. It also acts as both a deterrent and a motivational tool for Employees. They become very wary of upsetting customers and are motivated to greater heights to attain recognition. It is up to the Employer to reward Employees for positive feedback, and this improves Employee performance.

Spread a positive message 

We issue A to Z Whistleblowing solutions to customers  with QR codes, and your commitment to customer communication and satisfaction is projected by signage through these on till sips. Additionally, you can promote the service on your company website and through social media.

An A to Z of all whistleblowing solutions and more.

We not only offer a great solution to protect and improve your business by managing customer complaints but have a wide range of whistleblowing, security and customer liaison services. Although we use cutting-edge technology to assist our clients and us,  former police investigators conduct all liaisons, proven experts in their respective fields.    

Contact us for a protected, private consultation to assess if we can assist your business, school or organisation. Stay safe – and stay secure!  

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