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Protected Disclosures

Protected Disclosures

We handle all the legally required functions of employers in accordance with the Protected Disclosures Amendment Act. Apart from providing clients with internal policy documents, we communicate on behalf of our clients and advise on appropriate action to resolve the issue.

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Our signage, which we will be happy to personalise according to our client’s needs, includes a QR code, a toll-free number 0800 and an email address.

Employees can use either of them to make a protected disclosure.


  • An employee notices or experiences anything that is legally reportable as a protected disclosure
  • He/she uses any of the reporting channels and makes a protected disclosure
  • He/she is provided with a unique ticket number which they keep as proof that they have made a disclosure
  • We communicate the disclosure to the client and await further instructions
  • We inform the employee that the disclosure has been communicated and provide the employee with the first legal correspondence required by the employer
  • As often as we obtain feedback from our client on planned or completed actions, we pass this information on to the employee
  • We keep a record of the complete process. – In cases where employees claim to have made disclosures, we will provide documentation or confirmation that no disclosure has been made.

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