Protected Disclosures

We handle all the legally required functions of employers in accordance with the Protected Disclosures Amendment Act. Apart from providing clients with internal policy documents, we communicate on behalf of our clients and advise on appropriate action to resolve the issue.

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Signing up

When signing up our client receives signage examples and can print and display in their preferred way. – Signage includes a QR code which, if scanned, takes the person directly to the reporting portal of our website.

Our client is also provided with a company policy, which needs to be communicated with all staff.

Clients are required, on an ongoing basis, to ensure that signage is displayed. This is a combined effort and the more both parties input the better the end result.

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A simple step-by-step process…

  1. An employee notices or experience unethical behaviour and scans the QR code, which bring them directly to the reporting portal on our site
  2. He/she completes the user-friendly form and reports the information to our network
  3. He/she is provided with a unique ticket number which they keep as proof that they have made a disclosure
  4. We communicate the disclosure to the client and await further instructions
  5. We inform the employee that the disclosure has been acknowledged
  6. Once we get feedback from our client on the intended action, we process the follow up letter to the employee
  7. We keep record of the complete process. – In matters where employees claim they made disclosures we will provide the records, or the confirmation that no disclosures were made.


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