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The abuse inflicted on our seniors by the people who are supposed to protect them is alarming. Unless you start taking action, it’s going to become the new norm.

Abuse is more than just the physical abuse of an elderly person. It includes economic abuse, bullying, alienation and a whole lot more. Unfortunately, this abuse is seldom reported, because of the fear of victimisation.

Our patented system allows for –

  • Senior citizens AND their family members to report bullying, dishonesty, and abuse.
  • Your workers to file protected disclosures.

So why do we believe we have the solution –

  • All reporting sessions are handled by seasoned former SAPS investigators. As interrogators, we can extract more information.
  • We compare newly reported information to what we have on our database, before compiling our report.
  • We send our reports to more than one person. This prevents situations where popular staff members or residents get protected at the cost of the less popular ones.
  • We keep records and will only close our case once the matter had been resolved. Very important information reported to the wrong person, or the right person while he/she is extremely busy with something else, will not reach its destiny. Our system prevents any information going missing or being reported to the incorrect people.
  • We deal with more than just bullying. Our knowledge of The Older Persons Act 13 of 2006, labour legislation, and criminal laws, makes us the experts to handle this. In short: We know what must be proven and will extract the correct information.
  • As investigators we detect hoaxes or malicious information from a mile away. Hoaxes and malicious statements could easily result in the closure of private facilities.
  • Our sometimes tongue in cheek, visually striking, poster designs, will definitely grab attention.
  • Reports can be made via multiple channels –
    • Using our patented QR code scanning option, which gives people direct access to the reporting portal on our web app.
    • Making a call to one of our tollfree numbers.
    • Sending an email to us.

“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honours” – Tia Walker (Journalist)

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