Tracking JOC (Joint Operation Centre)

FACT: Despite lots of marketing and assurances, we can testify that apart from SIGFOX, there is no tracking device that’s signal cannot be jammed.

We will gladly take on anyone claiming anything else and prove them wrong!

What you should know about Signal Jamming

Radio jamming is the deliberate jamming, blocking, or interference with wireless communications. In some cases, jammers work by the transmission of radio signals that disrupt communications by decreasing the signal-to-noise ratio.
– Wikipedia

Sigfox’s system is hosted on their Internet Of Things (IOT) technology which cannot be jammed.

About Sigfox
  • COMBINING EXPERTISE – Founded in 2010, with its headquarters in France, the company has a global footprint. The experience of experts from across the globe is incorporated through the company’s partner network.
  • NEXT-GEN TECHNOLOGY – The Next-Gen technology is impenetrable, outsmarting thieves and assisting recovery teams to find stolen vehicles faster. The systems connect to Sigfox’s secure LPWAN network, dedicated exclusively to the Internet of Things.
  • A THIEF’S WORST NIGHTMARE – Signals are sent using Ultra-Narrow Band modulation and are received by any nearby Sigfox base station. Signals are received by an average of three stations, ensuring that signals are always transmitted, even in the presence of GSM jamming devices.
  • INTERNATIONAL CLIENTELE – International entities who made the smart move include –
  • Air Liquide, Airbus, Bayer, BMW, DHL, La Poste, Logista, Michelin, French Ministry of the Interior, SHV Energy, Total, Siemens, and several others.
  • We believe that “state-of-the-art” means more than just having exceptionally good technology. We have combined the experience of veterans, their planning, and military-style execution of projects, with the technology so our JOC’s abilities cannot be matched.


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A to Z can track it – effectively and fast!

What we offer

Our services
  • Installation and maintenance of Sigfox plug-and-play tracker units
  • 24/7 Monitoring of tracking units using a system that only responds and reacts to exceptions
  • 24/7 Overwatch services where your drivers are given predetermined checkpoints which need to be confirmed on arrival
  • Implementation and execution of contingency plans in the event of a vehicle being hi-jacked or facing danger.
Why a JOC - and why us?
  • ONE STEP AHEAD – The people monitoring tracking units are investigators whose results are measured by how many dishonest people they catch. Their aim is to keep our clients one step ahead.
  • A BIG NETWORK – We have agreements with service providers that enable us to offer our clients exceptional rates. Our agreements also mean preferential services when needed the most.
  • PROFESSIONALS – Our team members have acquired years of experience in emergency situations. Our knowledge of the law, the Police systems and “lingo” make us your natural choice.
  • SIGFOX – Sigfox IOT Technology is the future. We have aligned with the distributors to provide our clients with the best solution in the Universe!
  • CONSTANT MONITORING – Our team monitors your vehicle constantly. You stay informed and focused on your business whilst our team of professionals constantly handles potential issues.
What we do differently
  • Cost-saving – Only using Sigfox units, we install a plug-and-play tracking device in your vehicle, eliminating any wiring intrusions and expensive installation costs.
  • Whistleblowing – We implement your whistleblowing policy and provide you with signage designs to print
  • Manage Exceptions – If your driver fails to reach a destination, or we receive a deviation on the tracker, we contact the driver. Failing to reach him, we will raise the alarm
  • Emergency Response – In the event of a driver disappearing, or a hi-jacking, we will dispatch one of our network service providers to go to investigate and assist.

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