What is lie detection?

Lie detection, also referred to as deception detection, uses questioning techniques along with technology that record physiological functions to ascertain truth and falsehood in response. It is commonly used by law enforcement and has historically been an inexact science. There are a wide variety of technologies available for this purpose. The most common and long used measure is the polygraph, which the U.S. National Academy of Sciences states, in populations untrained in countermeasures, can discriminate lying from truth telling at rates above chance, though below perfection. They added that the results apply only to specific events and not to screening, where it is assumed that the polygraph works less well.
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Lie detection / Polygraph testing

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What everyone should know
  • Nobody can be forced to do a test. An employee in a position of trust who refuses to be tested when there is other evidence against him / her can be dismissed for breach of the trust relationship. This has been tested at the CCMA and in Labour Court.
  • Lie Detection Test results can be used as supporting evidence when dismissing someone. The CCMA has accepted this, and a number of Judges have already ruled it permissible as part of evidence.
  • Lie Detection / Polygraph testing is no exact science. It is therefore only an investigative tool and should be seen and used as such. The experience of the examiner will ultimately determine the level of the efficacy of the test.
  • Although many might claim that their system is better, we know from experience that Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) is the better system and why we prefer to offer this method. For clients who want to use biofeedback testing, we will provide this service through our outsourced service provider.
Our reasons for only using Voice Stress Analysis (VSA)
  • The examination of test charts is done by a computer. There is absolutely no chance of human error or manipulation in this process.
  • The findings of 18 years of research on Voice Stress Analysis was published in Criminalistics and Court Expertise, 2012 Annual Issue, Number 57 and revealed that this method is 99.4% accurate. Not many other testing devices can say the same.
  • Results are instantly available. The innocent can be cleared immediately, and the focus can be shifted solely towards the less innocent parties.
We offer Detection of Deception Testing (Voice Stress Analysis) for any of the following:
  • Case / Incident Specific Tests
  • Periodic Tests
  • Pre-Employment Tests

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