Why must we manage complaints?

FACT: In these modern times, social media is powerful enough to make or break most businesses.

A to Z WHISTLEBLOWING SOLUTIONS provide a platform where business owners can engage through our trained experts with their clients to resolve issues before a disgruntled client destroys the business’ image on social media.

A TO Z WHISTLEBLOWING SOLUTIONS is both a deterrent and a motivation tool. Employees will think twice before upsetting clients and put in extra effort to get recognition. Employers who reward employees for positive feedback will see a drastic improvement in employee performance.

Spreading the message by displaying signage, adding the A TO Z WHISTLEBLOWING SOLUTIONS QR code on till slips, and promoting the service on the company website, will show clients that the business owner is committed to providing excellent service and products.

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. – Bill Gates

  • It identifies areas that require improvement
  • It improves communication with customers
  • Senior management stay informed
  • It recognizes training needs
  • It provides an opportunity to implement a “culture of improvement” with staff and other role-players
  • It can reveal new business opportunities and cost saving areas
  • Investigating complaints will provide valuable information on what competitors are doing differently
  • It provides a better understanding of customer needs and trends
  • Dispute resolution can lead to loyal relationships with customers

Our system provides private and discreet resolution in a neutral environment, where professionals give unbiased input.

Complaint Management
Complaint Management

How does this work?

1. Signing Up

When signing up the client receives signage examples and can print and display in their preferred way. – Signage includes a QR code which, if scanned, takes the person directly to the reporting portal of our website.

Client can also add a link to our website’s reporting portal on their website, advising customers that they have an external ethics hotline service.

DTTD Reporting Image

2. Reporting

A simple step by step process

  1. A client experiences bad service or receives a substandard product and wants to report it
  2. He/she scan the QR code, which brings them directly to the reporting portal on our site. (The QR code can be displayed on signage, till-slips, and invoices)
  3. He/she completes the user-friendly form and reports the information to our network
  4. He/she is provided with a unique ticket number which they use for all future communication with our experts
  5. One of our team members then engage in ongoing fact-establishing communication with the customer, using our intelligence gathering skills
  6. Once we have enough information, one of our team members contact our client’s nominated spokesperson. A process will be started to establish the reason for the client’s unhappiness. During the process, we will also establish operational shortfalls in our client’s business.
  7. Our team member gives the customer feedback which includes a letter thanking them for reporting the information, as well as communicating what the client offers as compensation to make up for any inconvenience caused.
  8. We then devise solutions to deal with the identified shortcomings in our client’s business, and suggest preventative measures. Our feedback report to our client will include recommendations which may include training and or disciplinary action against the employee/s identified.


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