The importance of whistleblowing

Our company started as an outsourced whistleblowing service provider and this business unit has always enjoyed beneficial treatment with respect to resources, development and the time spent on it. In fact, so confident were we about our exceptional whistleblowing services, that we were prepared to invest heavily in it and have our intellectual property patented in South Africa.

Our state-of-the-art whistleblowing service links even the smallest piece of information to a “bigger picture.” One of our main secrets lies in the data capturing of our clients’ information, combined with constant sourcing of new informers. Through a few simple yet innovative, elimination processes we can link information received from a whistleblower to a specific case or client.

Whistle blowers have easy access to the online reporting portal with the QR code scanning option.

As with all our other services, we do not use artificial intelligence. All our operators are former Police investigators, who are proven experts in their respective investigative fields.

DTTD Blow The Whistle Home

How it works

Upon signing up, we collect information about our client’s company, vehicles, and employees. This is saved using innovative, analytical skills on our database and is used in cases to compare it with other information on our system. Our operators and associates constantly gather new information all of which is included in our database.

A vehicle is seen doing something illegal but only some digits of the license plate are available. We can search our database to discover any matches to our clients.

DTTD Customer Complaints Gateway

Why us?

Our highly skilled operators engage in ongoing communication with the whistleblower to extract more information. We provide a report to our client that includes details of the incident, a proposed solution, and a quotation to provide the solution.

Our guarantee is that ONLY seasoned investigators handle whistleblowing and related service.

Providing effective whistleblowing solutions from A to Z!

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