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Why Us

We are committed to

  • Dedication – With zero clients at the time, we spent three years doing research, development, and testing to develop our system. After that, we spent even more to get a patent.
  • Integrity – Our integrity as investigators over the past thirty years has never been questioned, and during that time we had acquired an expertise that money cannot buy. We bring you the best of both worlds. Integrity plus a wealth of expertise.
  • Monitoring – Our call centre is under CCTV surveillance so that we can see what everyone does 24/7. Apart from this every agent had been hand-selected and vetted. A vetting process where we had criminal checks done as well as pre-employment polygraph tests. Polygraph tests are repeated every six months.
  • Inquisitive – We do not ask questions and simply accept answers. In all calls, we adhere to the 5 “W’s” in the industry. Who, what, where, when, why, and most importantly why are the whistleblowers reporting this? – Using the latter, we had the opportunity to identify and stop in its tracks many, apparently “excellent information” reporting sessions, which we identified as hoaxes or vindictive and malevolent sessions.
  • Efficiency – Our agents are receiving daily on-the-job training based on the real reported information, to ensure they stay efficient. In less busy periods, instead of browsing social media pages, our officers dissect the reported information and formulate investigative ideas. – A constant learning experience. – Our knowledge of legislation in various areas ensures that we can ask the right questions to obtain the important information necessary to prove the specific issue. (Because the elements of the various crimes are different, there are different things that need to be proven to prove that particular offence.)
  • Source Protection – Our experience as SAPS investigators and source handling provides us with an almost unfair advantage over our competitors. The same way we treated our sources in the SAPS is how we treat sources today. Thankfully, we now have access to resources, which we did not have at the time, which we use to ensure the identity of sources is protected.
  • Up-To-Date – Our agents’ involvement in private investigations (when they not working in the call centre) brings them in touch with other investigators, government investigators, and more importantly, crime intelligence agents on almost a daily basis. Information gathered during such sessions is shared amongst our team.
  • Versatile – From outright whistleblowing to customer complaints, customer compliments, and protected disclosures, we treat them all with the different levels of skill required. – A true A to Z range of solutions.
  • Trusted – We are trusted by an array of clients from JSE listed to Bargaining Council, to handle their outsourced whistleblowing management services. – The only question you’d have to ask is if everyone trusts them, who am I to be different.
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